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Posted on December 9, 2020
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What it's really like to attend a Red Cross training event during a pandemic.


The British Red Cross have used The Falkirk Stadium for 100's of their training events over the years and were the very first client to return to the stadium to continue with their critical life saving training courses.

The local Red Cross Training Product Manager,  James Reed recently organised a training session at the stadium and was so impressed by our Covid-19 safety measure, he decided to write an article for the British Red Cross website.

Here is James' article...

"In response to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic we have introduced a range of new measures and changes to keep learners and staff safe. 

Ross Anderson from Dobbies Garden Centres explains more about his training experience at during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ross has been a first aider for almost 30 years and recently attended a British Red Cross Training emergency first aid at work course at Falkirk stadium.

“Before I attended the course, I was slightly apprehensive in what to expect in terms of how the course would run, following the existing coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions.”

“My initial concerns were allayed within moments of entering the training venue.”  

"The trainer was very confident and put all of the course learners at ease around the enhanced hygiene and health and safety measures.”

At British Red Cross Training, we are adhering strictly to relevant government advice, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the First Aid Quality Partnership.

Upon entry to the training venue at the Falkirk Stadium, Ross found that...

There were clear social distancing signs and instructions in walkways and plenty of hand sanitisers in the training room. Upon entry to the training room, we were also provided with items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including hand sanitisers and face masks.” 

Ross added, “I found the safety measures put in place to be absolutely spot on and I don’t think any additional measures are required.”  

“We were all able to safely practice all aspects of the course.” 

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, has meant that we have made adaptations to the delivery of some of our first aid skills to ensure the safety of learners. Ross said that “I did notice changes to some first aid skills, and these were explained well. I found the changes to be minimal and we were all able to safely practice all aspects of the course. I left the course feeling confident that I would be able to respond if I were faced with a real-life first aid emergency.”

Ross continued...

 “In these strange times, I was very impressed with the venue and the staff at the venue from the receptionist through to the trainer. All of this made my experience a very positive one.”

To view the article on the British Red Cross website click here.

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