Re-Charge at The Falkirk Stadium

Posted on March 16, 2016
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RE-charge your batteries at The falkirk stadium

If you are visiting us using an electric vehicle, electric vehicle chargepoints can be found at the South West corner of the The Falkirk Stadium. These include a Triple Head Rapid Charger (Chademo/AC Type 2/CCS) unit and two 22kW Type 2 dual socket posts - the exact location details can be found on


The chargepoints are currently free to use with a Charge your Car (CYC) account, and provide a great location to top up while you enjoy a coffee at The Westfield, on the third floor of the Falkirk Stadium. The chargepoints are also a great place to charge while you walk or cycle around The Helix, or to The Kelpies and back.

Pop in to The Westfield cafe to re-charge your batteries, whilst your car does the same. 3rd Floor on The Falkirk Stadium.

Sit back and enjoy the view with a coffee at The Westfield on the 3rd Floor.

Car charging at the Triple Rapid charger at The Falkirk Stadium.

Chargepoint bays are for electric vehicles only. Our main car parks are available Free of Charge  for all other vehicles.

Chargepoints are sited at the South West corner of The Falkirk Stadium.